Our story began on July 25th, 1989 - the day I turned 18 and the day Ray Rosser hired me at Carolina Precast. Up until that point, I had worked 3 places in my life - a tobacco field, Pizza Inn, and an old gas station mostly on the graveyard shift all weekend (I'll tell you - you see some strange stuff crawl off of I-95 South at 3:30 AM on a Saturday morning).

I learned how to push a broom around for the first few years. Gradually Ray taught me how to read a tape measure. how to weld, and - most importantly - how to work with concrete and build precast manholes and catch basin boxes. We were owned by a great man named Bob Hill and his wife Shirley - two people who really cared for their employees and treated us all like their own kids. It was a magical time. The company exploded and at one point Carolina Precast had probably 60% of the precast market share in North Carolina and we were unstoppable. I had served as everything from Ray's minion to cage welder to rebar cutter to box builder to forklift driver to coring machine guy to invert builder to coal tar epoxy applier to drycast machine operator to dispatcher to quality control manager to customer service manager to field service repairman and as a sales person. I can remember the day Ray gave me my first raise - from $3.35 an hour to $3.50 an hour. I partied like it was 1999 that night.

In 2004, I (along with my friends Alfonso Ramirez and Isidro Mendez) was repairing a leaking boot gasket in a scary 40 foot deep pump station in Carolina Beach, NC that wasn't our fault and wasn't our place to fix - but we were doing it anyway to help our customer. I realized at that point that NO ONE did this sort of thing as a service in North Carolina but us. I guess you could say the seeds were planted for Samson Storm and Sewer, LLC on that day - but - it would over 12 more years and lots of stars and planets lining up before anything would become of it.

In 2007, Carolina Precast was sold to Hanson and we cried and watched the sky fall. The recession that followed was awful and depressing; some people didn't think we would make it but in 2012, we became Concrete Pipe and Precast and moved forward, climbing out and getting back on track.

In summer of 2017, the aforementioned stars and planets surprisingly, in a flash, lined up - and it was at that point I decided it was NOW OR NEVER to fire things up. I had already sat back and realized I could now do one of two things - play in a heavy metal band for a living and starve, or move forward and do what I do best: work with manholes, catch basins, and concrete and repair manholes, catch basins and concrete while working with people who bought and installed manholes, catch basins, and concrete. Next came "Tool Time": I rounded up every wrench, hammer, screwdriver and pocketknife I had spread out on the farm, went from one end of NC to the other and bought what new tools I needed (or thought I needed), had a major re-fresher and tune-up done on the service van, procured all necessary insurances and worker's comp, and I hit the bricks, son.

I have repaired a lot of manholes, boxes, and concrete in my time - way too many fixes in or on way too many different structures to try and individualize - so I am not gonna bore you with analytics. What I can tell you is this:our company will work hard for your company to achieve your desired result. I promise honesty, communication, professionalism, safety, kindness and courtesy at all times to you and your employees. Please call - we need, want, and will be very appreciative of your business. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for visiting our website!

"Standin' On Top Of The World"

The Woman bore a child and called him Samson. The little boy grew, and was blessed by the Lord. -Judges 13:24