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Miller Barefoot - Lead Tech - Miller is our Vice President and Lead Tech. Holding almost 30 years experience in the precast manhole / catch basin industry, he has mostly seen and done it already. Miller also plays in a local heavy metal band called Mostley Crue and grins like the village idiot when he crosses the bridge into Ocean Isle Beach.

Michele Maroon-Barefoot - President - Michele is a native of Cary, NC and a graduate of Saint Mary's. She holds an associates degree in nursing from Johnston Community College and is the former director of corporate administration at Warren Oil Company. Her background in business development and management has been integral to Samson Storm and Sewer, LLC; she currently handles all business affairs and communication for the company as well as accounts payables/recievables. Our company cannot operate without her and she reminds us of that every day.

Drew Samson Barefoot - Helper - Drew Samson, or "Sammy", is our little guy. The happiest kid in the 8th grade, Sammy loves to help Daddy put tools away and build stuff around the farm. He can tell you anything you want to know about cats, trucks, WWII, tanks, geography and heavy equipment.  Although Sammy does not go on the jobsites with Daddy, he loves looking at the pictures and asking questions about what we do, especially the beach manholes. It appears one day when he is old enough, he might take his old man's spot - but he will have to work for his sister by that point. Scary.

Elizabeth (Boo Boo) Webb - Coating Team Leader |

Kendrick (Kenny) Johnson - Team Leader |

Thomas Bell - Team Leader |

Fallon Miller Barefoot - Part Time- Fallon is a recent graduate of East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She occasionally volunteers as our receptionist. She graduated with a bachelors degree in social work, and plans to continue her education and obtain a Masters in Clinical social Work 

The Woman bore a child and called him Samson. The little boy grew, and was blessed by the Lord. -Judges 13:24